remote os
Run your remote company from anywhere and scale on demand
Remote OS makes it easy for startups, remote, and hybrid companies to find, hire, manage, and pay high quality freelancers and agencies in 150 different countries— run a global and remote workforce that scales on demand from anywhere in the world.
We're a trusted community to world class hybrid and remote teams
what is remote os?
Business management software that gives your remote company superpowers
Manage a remote and global workforce with full transparency into your team, finances, and global operations. Get specialised services designed to make remote work and workforce management life changing.
Find and hire freelancers & agencies
Find high quality freelancers and agencies from all around the world and compliantly hire them on demand.
60 day net payment terms
finance your product development, hire and onboard at no risk and got to market fast with a line of credit
Pay your team in 150 countries
Pay your international team wherever they are in the world with fast and easy cross border payments and receipt tracking
remote work
Adapt and navigate your remote work transformation and make your team happy
Your company wants to work remotely. Help them be productive and happy wherever they are—from anywhere in the world, with full transparency into your operations, and financial services designed for remote companies.
machine learning
Freelancer and agency recommendations that match your needs and save you time without endless searching
Stop searching for the technology and design services you need to grow. Start getting recommendations and matches to the freelancers, agencies, and services you need to get things done, scale up, and go to market fast.
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find and hire
Find the right people, skills and services you need—when you need it.
Find and hire high quality freelancers or agencies that are matched specifically to your needs. Get access to over 27,000 freelancers and agencies from over 150 different countries, with services across web development, mobile development, no code, branding, and design.
buy now pay later
60 day net payment terms and a line of credit to onboard freelancers or agencies at no risk
Go to market fast with net 60 payment terms and free trials to take the risk out of onboarding new freelancers and agencies, so that startups and scale ups can be flexible and compete with the big-tech giants.
International payments
Pay your freelancers and agencies in 150 different countries with one-click
Automate your freelancer or agency payments, calculate local taxes, and pay your remote team each month, or on demand with one payment. We'll make sure they get paid fast, in their preferred currency.
Expense management
Manage your budget and track expenses based on your team's performance
Track your expenses by team member or department, so you can manage your cash flow and know how much you're spending.
Comply with international and local laws without the complexity
Keep track of all your IP, NDA’s, and Maintain a compliant work status for your international freelancers and agencies no matter where they are. As your employer of record we ensure all things hiring follow regional laws and tax rules so your team can work wherever they live.
Workforce management
Manage a global team and remote workforce with greater transparency
Know where your team is and their timezone, so you can schedule meetings and collaborate without the constant back and forth. Know exactly what projects are going on, who’s doing it, and when it will be done.
Grow a global and remote company without the hassles
Work and grow from anywhere in the world. Access a global community of high quality freelancers and agencies ready to help your remote company succeed.
Countries for payments and compliance
Pre-vetted freelancers and agencies
Day credit and net payment terms.
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