Simple, transparent pricing
Get started for free, without talking to a rep or getting put into a sales funnel. We have simple and transparent pricing that works with you at every stage of your journey.
Per user
For entrepreneurs just getting started with their remote company
Start, manage, and grow a remote company
8% fee for marketplace talent
Onboard and manage your own freelancers and agencies.
Access our talent marketplace of over 27,000 vetted freelancers & agencies
Pay freelancers in 170 countries with receipt tracking
Per user
For venture backed startups scaling their remote company and global team
Everything in our Startup package plus
5% fee for marketplace talent
Virtual wallet and physical debit card for project and expense management
Manage expenses across teams and departments
EOR - Buy, contract, or hire globally, with automated tax and compliance
Per user
For global teams that need advanced payment and compliance solutions
Everything in our Growth package plus
3% fee for marketplace talent
Buy now and pay later, credit line with up to 60 day net terms
Enhanced budget and expense management
Advanced compliance management, for security, IP, NDA’s, and more
Per remote employee
Everything you need to hire remote employees globally.
Hire a remote team in over 150 countries. Take care of your team with customised benefits and insurance
Freelancers & creators
Manage your global freelance and creator talent on demand.
Advanced digital contracts and instant global payments to help you manage your freelancers and creators
Startups get their first remote employee for free, and 50% off for each additional employee for the first year.
Access talent from anywhere in the world. Join a global community of startup founders, freelancers, and creators ready to help your company succeed.
Enterprise solutions
Create a custom solution for your global remote company. Get volume pricing and bespoke functionality designed around your unique compliance and payment needs.